Dr. Gharavi is not only an excellent doctor, one of the best in his field, but he listens and takes his time to any issues I might have. He shows care and compassion. – Jennifer T.

Dr. Gharavi is the most efficient doctor I’ve ever been to. They were excellent with patients, especially with me. – Mike P. 

Great Doctor with a heart! – Amy G.

Dr. Gharavi is an excellent surgeon with a great personality and greater knowledge; very friendly and easy to talk. I am fortunate to have him operate on me. – Steve S.

Dr. Gharavi did an outstanding job with my Mohs surgery. I would highly recommend him. – Eric M.

Dr. Gharavi is the best at what he does. – Kevin M.

Dr. Gharavi is one of the best dermatologists I’ve been to. His knowledge, understanding and manners are superb. – Mark J.

Dr. Gharavi is a highly skilled physician with good relational skills. I felt confident that I was receiving the BEST care that is available for skin cancer. Thank you! – Megan M. 

Best there is. – Tim J.

Dr Gharavi is very professional with a terrific manner. He was gentle and did his best not subdue my pain. He took the necessary time to ensure the surgery would be successful and have minimal scaring. I felt very confident with his skills and ability to communicate clearly and completely. – Tiffany M.

Dr. Gharavi is an excellent surgeon, dermatologist. He has great hands, and he showed a lot of respect for my mom. He was very considerate and showed a lot of caring and understanding. And most of all, he was very sensitive to my mom’s needs, and I thank him so very, very much. – Anonymous

Well, the only thing I can tell you that Dr. Gharavi is one of the best I’ve ever seen in my life. Everything was perfect and I will be happy to recommend any family or friends. I am very grateful and thank you so much. – Stephanie S.

He is a true artist whose scars are hard to find. Recovery is swift with minimum discomfort. And best of all he is thoughtful, patient and very charming. – Susan L.

Dr. Gharavi is kind and very professional and explains things extremely well. I would highly recommend to all of my friends. – Greg M.

I am grateful for Dr. Gharavi’s expertise and eye in detecting abnormalities. He was suspicious of a mole, even after an initial shave biopsy with another provider came back from Pathology as negative for skin cancer. After removing the mole, he sent it to Pathology for a second look. That result came back as positive for basal cell carcinoma. I am in the process of scheduling an appointment for Mohs surgery and am thankful we caught this. – Anonymous

Dr Gharavi is a skilled professional. He treats his patients with respect and kindness. His staff is efficient and comforting. I’m glad he is part of my medical team. – Tim A.

Dr. Gharavi is very kind, attentive, trustworthy and professional. I was at ease under his care. He is easy to talk to and has a very friendly demeanor. – Bruce M.

Dr Gharavi is kind, compassionate and very focussed on the patient. But, most importantly, he is incredibly skilled at his job. In my case, he had to perform surgery on my face, and the scar is almost invisible. I would recommend him to everyone. – Tom K.

This office was very professional and caring, made me feel I was getting the very best. – Miranda B.

Dr Gharavi and his staff strove to make me as comfortable as possible during my procedure and let me know that if I had any issues at home that I could call the doctor directly. They were kind and gentle. They also explained things clearly. – Daniel H.

A very kind and caring provider. Clearly very knowledgeable in the area he treated me for and talented. would definitely recommend him. – Maria L.